Software Industries and Organizations

There is a great variety of software companies that comes along with the programmers in the entire world which comprises the software industry. A software can be quite a profitable industry. Bill Gates, who is a founder of the Microsoft is known as the richest man in the whole world in year 2009 and it is because he is largely selling Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office products. This is also the same with Larry Ellison who is also known for his Oracle database software. Over the time, the industry has become highly specialized.

Those non- profit organizations includes the GNU project, Mozilla Foundation and the Free Software. The different organization’s standard like IETF and W3C develops good software standards. It is for the purpose of letting most software to inter-operate by standards like HTTP, HTML, FTP and FTP. Other largely known software companies also includes adobe System, Novell, Corel and SAP while those small companies are often providing innovation.

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The worth of software developers are always needed especially during these days. They are capable of doing a better software which the world has to use efficiently in making things in life simpler and better. Probably, the next generation are expected to become more advanced so as the development of many software in the market. The huge role of software developers gives people the opportunity to a better technology use in the future. This is an amazing career especially for those who are gifted in different curves about computer/ technology during these days.

What’s To Do?

The job of a software developer may include the following;

  • Software designing
  • Analysis of Requirements/Specifications
  • Doing other required implementations including customization, installation, integration, configuration, data migration and more.
  • The actual implementation of the core which includes programming that is often the most important part of developing a software.
  • The participation to defining software product which typically includes gap analysis or the business case.
  • The testing which includes both the supporting and defining the acceptance testing and gathering different feedback from the pre- release testers.
  • The development as well as the refinement of the throw- away stimulations or the prototypes for confirming the requirements.
  • Analysis of cost benefits and feasibility which includes the selection of application architecture and of the framework that leads to the project’s budget and schedule.
  • The authoring of documentation is also needed by the users as well as the implementation partners and more.
  • They may also have the participation regarding the release of the software and to the post- release activities that includes the support for product launch evangelism and for the release cycles.
  • Most importantly of all included job of a software developer is about the maintenance.

Software Developer – History – Part 2

There is a great expansion in the industry together with the rise of personal computer in the 1970s. This brought computing to desktop for the office worker. The next following years has also created a growing potentialities for created games, applications and more. The first operating system product of DOS Microsoft became dominant at the time. During earlier years of 21st century, there are another successful business models which has arisen for the hosted software. It is called as “software as a service” or the SaaS.

From the producer’s point of view about some proprietary software, the SaaS has the capacity to reduce the concerns regarding unauthorized copying. It is because it can only be assed via web and by definition, there are no client software which is loaded into the end user’s PC. By the year of 2014. The role of cloud developer has been recognized and defined. In this case one definition of a developer was generally published. It is generally said that developers of software are making software for the world to use. The job of a software developer is basically to crank out the codes for new products, codes for specific business logics, code fixtures for maintenance and code for the supporting libraries.

Software Developer – History

The word software was coined way back 1953 as a prank however, this did not appear during 1960. Before these said time, computers are programmed either by some commercial computer like IBM and UNIVAC or either by the customers. Computer Usage Company during 1955 was the first company to found and provide different software products as well as the services.

The industry of software has expanded in early 1960 and this has immediately happened after the computers are sold in mass – produced quantities. There are huge demand by different organizations and institutions like Government, businesses and universities for a software that made the expansion of the software industry. There are many programs that are written in-house by those full-time programmers. Some others were distributed freely with the use of a particular machine with no charge. Some are being done on a commercial basis and those firms like Computer Science Corporation begins to grow. The computer makers have started in bundling new software systems, operating systems as well as the programming environment together with their machines.

The DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) ad brought a low-priced microcomputer into the market. It has brought computing with many company’s reach and universities in different parts of the world. It also spawned the great innovation when it comes to a powerful methodologies and of programing methodologies. The new software was built specifically for microcomputers that is why the manufacturers like IBM and followed by the DEC.

Software Developer

A person who is concerned with the facets of software development is called as a Software Developer. To make short of how they are being describe, they basically make a software for the entire people in the world to use. Their nature of work includes designing, researching, testing and implementing a software. The task of a software developer can take part within the designs and computer programming or the software project management. They have the capability to contribute in the making of the project’s overview on the application level than the component level.           Many software developers are often guided by the lead programmers however the description cover the freelance software developers.